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About Chernihiv

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Chernihiv is the administrative centre of the most northern region of Ukraine. This small charming city has a lot to offer its visitors. The old history of Chernihiv begins in the 7th century, when a small settlement appeared on the banks of the Stryzhen river, not far from the Desna river. Its convenient location quickly turned it into a successful, rich and prosperous city, the largest centre of Kievan Rus.

The ambience of antiquity still prevails in the region as well as the spirit of the mighty Kievan Rus and the ancient principality of Chernihiv. The legends about the brave heroic deeds of the glorious Cossacks, the Cossack Hetmanate and St. Anthony’s spiritual treasury are drifting over the magnificent Desna river.

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The city’s attractions

The city’s numerous monuments display the sacral, architectural and historical strength of the region in old times. Its centre is the Rampart (Dytynets) – a massive stronghold in the high plateau of the right bank of the charmed Desna river. This was exactly where a large number of buildings were located: residential areas, churches, markets, graveyards, and, of course, fortifications.

If you have a couple of free days to spare, we recommend you to visit Black Grave, The National Historical and Cultural Reserve Kachanivka, Burial Mounds, Pyatnytska Church, St. Catherine Church, St. Trinity Cathedral, the Bell Tower of Trinity Cathedral, Chernihiv Red Square, Boldin Hills. The favourable geographical location of Chernihiv, its hospitality and mild climate will make your travel unforgettable.

Welcome to the ancient magnificent northern city of legends – Chernihiv!

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