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Loyalty Program


Loyalty program registration form


The services paid by the guest during the stay which allow to collect bonuses are:

– Accommodation;

– Comfort Cafe “Parmesan”;

– Lobby-bar;

– mini-bar;

– laundry and so on;

– Restaurant complex RiverSide.

The list of services, names of bars and restaurants which are allow to collect bonuses, you can find out during checking in the hotel.

Exchanging the bonuses for services:

  1. As for accommodation service, the guest can exchange bonuses as 1 point = 1 UAH. Exchanging of the bonuses to other service (restaurant, laundry and etc.) is the same, the guest can exchange bonuses as 1 point=1 UAH.
  2. Accumulated points are not exchanged for promotional services (accommodation, food and so forth.). The same concerns special / corporate proposals. But the points are accumulated!
  3. Points are not accrued and exchanged for conference services and transfer service.

Terms and Conditions of the program:

  1. The Loyalty program functions on the territory of the complex RIVERSIDE in order to attract new guests and to increase demand for goods and services of the facility. Within its framework discounts are given to guests – individuals.
  2. The Loyalty program provider is business entity, which operate on the territory of the complex RIVERSIDE having its registered address at 103-a Shevchenko Street, 14035 Chernihiv.
  3. The Loyalty program members are individuals – citizens over 18, who hold the card of the Loyalty program member.
  4. The card is given to the guests, who pay for the services of accommodation (regardless of their prices).
  5. Membership in the program applies to individuals after filling in the form, which is the agreement of joining, as it is stated by article 634 of the Ukrainian Civil Code. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the form.
  6. The Loyalty program does not suggest giving personal discounts to individuals. That is why the card can be submitted by any guest.
  7. The membership card of the Loyalty program is a plastic card with its own unique bar code, which is given by the Provider to the members of the Loyalty program on these terms and conditions. The card is not personal and cannot be used to identify an individual.
  8. For every card there is an open account, where the bonuses are accumulated: 1 point for every 15 UAH paid by the cardholder for all the services (accommodation, food, etc.), except for the conference service.
  9. Accumulation of bonuses indicates that when the guest pays for goods and services he/she simultaneously makes the prepayment for future purchases for goods and services for the sum, for which the bonuses are accumulated.
  10. When paying for the services and goods on the territory of the facility the cardholder has the right to receive a discount by charging the bonuses from the account of the card, as 1 point = 1 UAH.
  11. If the guest intends to use only the accrued bonuses for payment, every unit of a good or service is paid as 1 UAH = 1 point. If the amount of accumulated bonuses is less than the total price of the goods and services, the guest pays the difference in cash or by a credit card (except for the accommodation, when paying for the accommodation the guest can choose only one way of payment: either bonuses or cash or a credit card).
  12. To receive the discount the guest is assigned to inform his card number at the reception during the reservation before the calculations and transactions take place.
  13. The sum of the accumulated bonuses cannot be given to the guest in monetary terms.
  14. Bonuses of the Loyalty program do not apply to accommodation by the special rates and corporate rates, but the payment for this type of accommodation and services also provides accumulation of bonuses. Program bonuses are not valid and accumulated for conference services.
  15. The cardholder loses the discount if the accumulated bonuses were not charged within 12 months of their accrual.
  16. The card is annulled if it is not used (bonuses are not charged) within 12 months of receiving the card or since the last use of the card.
  17. The Loyalty program period of validity: from 01.10.2016 till 31.12.2019. The Loyalty program period of validity can be extended by the Provider at any time at own discretion.
  18. The Provider has the right to terminate the Loyalty program, cancel or change its terms and conditions in any time at own discretion without prior notice to the members of the program or third parties.
  19. The Loyalty program members grant the Provider the right to send them any promotional or informative data by post, e-mail or phone. If the member does not want to receive the information, he/she should fill state the refusal in the form.