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Chicken in kvass glaze with seasonal vegetables
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Pork tenderloin with vegetables and parmesan crumble
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Sea bass baked with citrus sea salt
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Argentinean shrimps with sweet chili sauce and fresh salad
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Atlantic herring forshmak with pickled apple and wheat nachos
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Сhicken liver millefeuille with truffle and sun-dried apricot
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Hummus with vegetables, parsley oil and bread chips
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Tandoori chicken salad with rye flakes, bacon chips and sun-dried tomatoes
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Pork salad with beaten cucumber and pickled daikon
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Lemon cake with candied fruits and nut crumble
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Poppy pie with wild mushroom cream and bumps jam

Gastro Food

Chicken fillet Sous-vide with dried fruit and teriyaki sauce

Cold smoked chicken sous-vide with kvass sauce

Beef fillet with gremolata sauce

Pork steak with chimichurri sause

Dorado with citrus sea salt

Salmon fillet with Chia sauce

Bon Appetit

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